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How You Can Throw a Hank the Cowdog-Themed Party!

    Hey Hank-Fans!   Back by popular demand: Hank the Cowdog-Themed Party Ideas!   Because of the awesome fans and parents out there who've given us such great feedback on this one over the years, we've updated and reposted it! Seriously, what could be more fun than a birthday... Read More

THIS WINTER! The Case of the Lost Camp

  Update! Due to circumstances out of our control (the paper shortage affecting many printers around the country), Hank #77 is a bit delayed. However, the most reliable estimate they can give us has us hoping to send "The Case of the Lost Camp" to fans and retailers by February... Read More

The Case of the Wounded Buzzard - A Classic Hank Christmas Story Excerpt

Chapter Two:     . . . I went padding up to Slim, just as he was going through the gate. I was glad to see the old rascal, and as you might expect, he was delighted to see me.     “Hi Hankie, what do you think of this snow?”... Read More

It's That Time Again! Get Your SIGNED Hank the Cowdog books in Time for Christmas!

        Dear Hank-Fans,  It's that time of year!! And, here's an easy, how-to for getting GREAT Christmas presents for your friends and family: signed Hank the Cowdog books.            Here's how to do it:  Place an order in Hank's Store, Decide which items you'd like to have... Read More

Coming This Spring: Hank #76!

  Howdy, Hank fans! Been wondering what's next for your favorite cowdog?? We're excited to announce that "The Case of the Missing Teeth" will be released this spring!  From the back cover: Slim’s phone doesn’t ring very often, so on the rare occasions that it does he’s usually in for... Read More

An Excerpt from "The Case of the Halloween Ghost"

    Howdy, Hank-Readers!  Have you ever wondered what a "cake house" is??  So have lots of other Hank fans over the years!  The cake house on the ranch features prominently in Hank's latest adventure, book 75 "The Case of the Red Rubber Ball"... AND, it also reminds us of... Read More

A Hank the Cowdog PODCAST Starring Matthew McConaughey!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY TO STAR IN “HANK THE COWDOG” PODCAST,  WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY JEFF NICHOLS    Family Podcast Series to Premiere on September 14, Available from QCODE on Apple Podcasts and Everywhere You Listen to Podcasts   (September 1, 2020 – Los Angeles) – “It’s me... Read More

"The Dancing Cowboy" in Newspapers Around the Country!

  Howdy, Hank-Fans!  Some exciting news!!  To cheer kids and families during quarantine, Mr. Erickson has donated a Hank the Cowdog short-story, The Dancing Dowboy, to newspapers across country!  Here, below, is a complete list of the newspapers that are carrying the Hank story on their education page.  If you... Read More

Readings From the Ranch: "The Boxer"

  Howdy Hank-Readers!  We hope you enjoy this video of John R. Erickson reading "The Boxer" -- one of the most iconic scenes in the entire Hank the Cowdog series of books (excert from The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog).  May it add a little laughter to your day!   ... Read More

How to Make a Hank the Cowdog Birthday Cake!

(Originally posted June 27, 2018)   Howdy Hank-fans!     As promised, here's a fun little “How-To” blog post for making your very own Hank the Cowdog cake!     Hank readers have been throwing Hank the Cowdog-themed birthday parties for a long time...and we figured it was about time we helped out... Read More

Some Fun for Your School During Quarantine!

  We have gotten a bunch of calls and emails from teachers, librarians, homeschoolers, and parents who wonder if it's okay for them to make videos of them reading Hank.   YES, OF COURSE, BY ALL MEANS, GO FOR IT!!!   Everybody needs a good laugh, now more than ever,... Read More

Read an excerpt of Hank 74 here!

  Howdy Hank-Readers!  We hope you've had a chance to read or listen to Hank's hilarious new adventure, The Frozen Rodeo, but, if not, here's a peek at a great scene...    Chapter 4 - Decorating Slim's House      I must give Drover credit for discovering this new amusement,... Read More

The Valentine's Day Song - A Ballad by Slim Chance!

  Chapter Three  of The Valentine's Day Robbery   . . . Sally May had been sweeping the porch with a broom. Slim made his way up the sidewalk and gave her a greeting. “Morning, Sally May. Is Loper around?”     “Morning, Slim. No, he went north to feed the... Read More

Getting Signed Hank Books in Time for Christmas!

        Dear Hank-Fans,  It's that time again!! And, here's an easy, how-to for getting GREAT Christmas presents for your friends and family: signed Hank the Cowdog books.  ----->         Here's how to do it:  Place an order in Hank's Store, Decide which items you'd like to have signed... Read More

"Finding Hank" Book-Signing Tour!

  Howdy, Hank fans!  We hope you're as excited as we are about the upcoming release of Finding Hank!! It's such a fun behind-the-scenes look at the Hank series! And, if you live in any of these towns, be sure to stop by and get an autographed copy. It makes... Read More

"Finding Hank," a new book by John Erickson, coming November 8th!

Howdy, Hank fans!  We have some exciting news to share!! This November 8th, Finding Hank, a new book by John R. Erickson will be released for sale! It's a wonderfully fun and interesting behind-the-scenes look at the Hank the Cowdog collection, told in question-and-answer form, featuring the most often asked... Read More

Gerald L. Holmes, 1940-2019

  I join the Maverick Books family in mourning the loss of our dear friend Gerald Holmes, the artist who drew the illustrations for 74 Hank the Cowdog books and put faces on Hank, Drover, Sally May, Slim and all the other characters.    Gerald began illustrating my magazine articles... Read More

"The Frozen Rodeo" - Hank #74 Coming Spring 2020!!!

  Howdy Hank fans!  Guess what's coming your way in spring 2020??  That's right!  Hank #74, The Frozen Rodeo -- a hilarious adventure that takes Hank and Slim into Twitchell to rope a calf that's on the loose! More on the story:    It’s early January on Hank’s ranch when... Read More

Hank statue in downtown San Angelo!

Howdy, Hank fans!  Have you heard about the statue in San Angelo's "Heritage Park"??   From the article:      "SAN ANGELO – Since its creation in 2018, Heritage Park in downtown San Angelo has been guarded by "The Head of Ranch Security," Hank the Cowdog.      The bronze... Read More

Look what the cat dragged in! "The Case of the Buried Deer" is almost here!

  Howdy, Hank fans!     Guess what's coming out at the end of this month?  You won't want to miss out on this hilarious new adventure featuring the reappearance of a favorite character: Happy the Lab!     In The Case of the Buried Deer, Happy is back on the ranch,... Read More

"The Case of the Three-Toed Tree Sloth" is ALMOST HERE!

  Howdy Hank-fans! GUESS WHAT'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER?? Hank #72, "The Case of the Three-Toed Sloth," comes out at the end of this month, and you're in for a hilarious tale of cowdog buffoonery!   Time to call in the cavalry! Pete the Barncat isn’t known for his reliable story-telling,... Read More

Guess which Head of Ranch Security made Laura Bush's Summer Reading List??

Howdy Hank-fans!  That's right! Hank is once again on Laura Bush's Recommended Summer Reading List! For the entire list, check out: From the article: If you always have your phone in front of your face, your children will think they are not interesting. When you have children, put your phone... Read More

Throwing a Hank the Cowdog-Themed Kids' Party!

  Hey Hank-Fans!   Back by popular demand: Hank the Cowdog-Themed Party Ideas!   Because of the awesome fans and parents out there who've given us such great feedback on this one over the years, we've updated and reposted it! Seriously, what could be more fun than a birthday party,... Read More

A Sneak Peek at Chapter 3 of Hank #71!

    Howdy Hank-fans! We hope you enjoy this little snippet from Hank's latest adventure...  And, if you want to find out if Slim takes Woodrow's advice, be sure to check out the rest of The Case of the Monster Fire!   ..........................    - CHAPTER THREE -    Slim was... Read More

"John Erickson and The Case of the Monster Fire" - an interview with Channel 10 News in Amarillo

Howdy Hank-Fans, Ready for Hank #71??? (Available for sale THIS WEDNESDAY, March 28th!) In the meantime, check out this great story by Channel 10 News in Amarillo, all about the one-year anniversary of the wildfires that devastated North Texas last spring and the inspiration behind "The Case of the Monster... Read More

"Finding Hank" Video Interview: Watch Gerald L. Holmes Draw Hank!

Dear Hank-Fans, We hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Gerald L. Holmes, the illustrator who has brought Hank the Cowdog to life for 35 years, as much as we did! And, there's a special bit at the end: Gerald draws Hank the Cowdog before your very eyes!  We'd love... Read More

"The Case of the Monster Fire" - A Sneak Peek!

  Howdy, Hank Fans!  Ready for some EXCITING NEWS??? Hank #71 will be released on March 28, 2018! And, get ready for Hank's most hair-raising adventure yet! This book will have you laughing at times and crying at others! And, if you wanted to know more about the real wildfires... Read More

5 Things You Didn't Know About the Hank Series

Howdy Fans! Today on "Hank's Blog," we're giving you something a lot of Hank-readers have asked for: A question-and-answer session with John R. Erickson! We hope you enjoy these interesting answers to some of the most-frequently asked questions we get! And, if you have one you'd like to ask, be... Read More

Saddle up for some fun! "Cowboys and Horses" (Book #2 in the Ranch Life series) is now available!

  Howdy Hank-Fans!  Have you had a chance to check out the second book in the Ranch Life series yet? First off, book #1 ("Ranching and Livestock") was a first-class introduction to ranching! Told from Hank's perspective, young readers learned the difference between a ranch and a farm, how cows... Read More

"The Case of the Troublesome Lady" is Finally Here!!!

  Hey Hank Fans!  Hank #70 is here and it's awesome!!  Not only does "The Case of the Troublesome Lady" deliver the same laughs and family-friendly fun you know you can count on in each new Hank book, it ALSO brings back one of the most hilarious characters ever introduced:... Read More

Hank Turns 35 This Year! - Check out this fun quiz in the Austin American-Statesman

Hi Hank-Fans!  Did you know that this year is Hank's 35th Anniversary??  And, in honor of it, the Austin American-Statesman wrote up a fun quiz to test your Hank the Cowdog trivia-knowledge! Questions like,"Who is Hank madly in love with, although her feelings aren't mutual?" and "What is the name... Read More

Ole'! Hank is in Spanish and coming your way!

Howdy Hank-fans!  Hank is reaching even more audiences! Looking to brush up on your Spanish? Or, have a friend--young or old--who speaks Spanish?? Real friends don't let friends miss out on Hank...and here's your chance to share the fun!!  "The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog" is now available in... Read More

Hank #70, The Case of the Troublesome Lady, is In-The-Works!

  Howdy, Hank Fans!    Thank you for all of the prayers, kind wishes, and emails we recieved in the weeks following the wildfires! For those of you who didn't hear about it at the time, John and Kris Erickson lost their home to the wildfires that ravaged the Texas... Read More

Get Ready! Hank #69, "The Case of the Wandering Goats" is on its way!

Howdy Hank-fans! Welcome to a new year in the life and adventures of Hank the Cowdog!!! Today we're excited to announce details about the next book in the series: "The Case of the Wandering Goats"!! (To be released March 9th 2017) And, here's a little about the story: "Everyone knows... Read More

"Driving To Church On Ice," by John R. Erickson

     Getting out of this canyon to attend church in the wintertime is sometimes an ordeal. The Saturday before Christmas of 1997, a cold norther blew into the Panhandle. The weather forecasters were predicting freezing rain and snow. They got the first half of it right. It started raining... Read More

Getting SIGNED Hank the Cowdog books for Christmas!

        Dear Hank-Fans,  It's that time of year!! And, here's an easy, how-to for getting GREAT Christmas presents for your friends and family: signed Hank the Cowdog books.          Here's how to do it:  Place an order in Hank's Store, Decide which items you'd... Read More

Great Video Interview with John R. Erickson from ABC Amarillo!

Howdy Hank-fans! Check out this GREAT video interview with John R. Erickson, conducted by Amarillo ABC News affiliate KVII! Great questions, great footage, a live reading from a Hank book, and lots of fun! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did: ... Read More

Got Turkey On Your Mind This Holiday Season? You'll love this snippet from Hank #66!

  Howdy All! Almost ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas? They're almost here! And, we hope you won't miss out on some of Hank's best adventures!! There's the classic favorite, "The Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve" (Hank #13) in which Hank and Drover help Slim rescue a VERY ungrateful, half-crazy Wallace... Read More

A New "Hank" Book! Check out "Ranch Life Book 1: Ranching and Livestock"

  Hi there, Hank Fans!    You're going to LOVE this latest bit of news from the ranch... There's a new Hank book, but it's not part of the regular series! It's a book ALL about RANCHING! And, it's all told from Hank's perspective!    This amazingly informative book is... Read More

Hank #68 - "The Secret Pledge" - is on its way!!!

  Hi Hank-fans!!  Exciting news this week! We're pleased to announce that Hank the Cowdog #68: "The Secret Pledge" is at the printers and set to be released on OCTOBER 5th! <--- And, here's your SNEAK PEEK at the cover ...and a little bit about what it's about: Of all... Read More

"A Rained-Out Roundup" - An Essay by John R. Erickson

  I was in a nervous state all week. I had set May 24th and 25th as the dates for my spring branding. I had lined up a crew of 12 riders for each day, and had spent weeks repairing gates, fences, and wing fences.     I had made... Read More

A Sneak Peek at Chapter 3 of "Wagons West"

Hi All!  We hope you enjoy this special peek at "Wagons West" - set to be released in just over ONE MONTH!! As always, we love hearing what you have to say, so be sure to leave us your feedback in the comments section below!  - Hank's Minions  Wagons West... Read More

Hank is Cupid in Disguise...

Dear Hank-Fans,  We've posted these stories in the past, but in case you haven't seen them, here they are again! Bet you didn't know Hank played a role in so many love stories!! (We've received other, similar stories, but these are our favorites.) - - - - - -  These... Read More

The Valentine's Day Robbery! - a Snippet from the Story

Chapter Three (of The Valentine's Day Robbery) . . . Sally May had been sweeping the porch with a broom. Slim made his way up the sidewalk and gave her a greeting. “Morning, Sally May. Is Loper around?”     “Morning, Slim. No, he went north to feed the cows.”    ... Read More

Did you know that Hank is on TWO of the National Education Association's lists of recommended books?

  Hi Hank Readers! Did you know that Hank is on two of the National Education Association's lists of books that every kid should read?!  Most importantly, Hank is on the list of the TOP 100 books voted-on by kids all over the country: "Kids' Top 100 Books" He's also on the "50... Read More

"Pete Gets In Trouble, Tee Hee" - A Sneak Peek at Chapter 4 of Hank #66!

Chapter 4 of "The Christmas Turkey Disaster" (to be released October 2nd):             For a moment, and we’re talking about a long, throbbing moment, Our Beloved Ranch Wife couldn’t believe what had happened.  She stared at the cat, her eyes filled with hurt and shock, while the villain gave her... Read More

Announcing: An Early Look at Hank #66!

Hi Everyone!  First off, thank you to everyone who asked for information about Hank #66! It's been in-the-works behind-the-scenes for the past few months... and we're happy to be able to announce some details today!  Hank #66, "The Christmas Turkey Disaster" will be released on October 2, 2015, and here's... Read More

"The Politically Incorrect West" - Article by John R. Erickson in American Cowboy Magazine

Hi Hank-fans!  We thought you might enjoy this great article by John Erickson about Hank's early experience with television. And, as always, we'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!  From the American Cowboy magazine article: "In 1984, I received a phone call from a man who... Read More

Hank the Cowdog and John Erickson interviewed by Lone Star Literary Life

Hi Hank Readers!      Recently, Hank --and John Erickson too-- were asked by Lone Star Literary Life to be interviewed for their Children’s Literature Summer Special, and the interviews are great! (We'd love to know what you think of them in the comments below!)     Interviewer, Kay Ellington,... Read More

"Dogs at the Office" - by John R. Erickson

            In the 1990s, our ranch’s Security Division had three employees: Sophie, Texie, and Bones.  They were dogs, of course, and dedicated employees.  They took their work very seriously and over the years, while they were on the force, we never lost a single tree... Read More

Hank the Cowdog-Themed Party Ideas! (Back by Popular Demand)

Hey Hank-Fans! Back by popular demand: Hank the Cowdog-Themed Party Ideas! (i.e. because we get lots of great feedback on this one, we've updated and reposted it) Seriously, what could be more fun than a birthday party, or ANY party, with the Head of Ranch Security? After you've seen some... Read More

TOP SECRET: The Audiobook Recording Sessions...A special sneak peek for Hank's Fans!

Hey Hank fans!      Want a sneak peek into the recording session for Hank 65: The Almost Last Roundup's audiobook??      Each audiobook recording session is different, but one thing that stays the same is that John R. Erickson reads the entire book and performs all of the... Read More

Hank Plays Cupid in These 2 Loves Stories

Dear Hank-Readers,  We first posted these stories last year, and because you enjoyed them so much, we've brought them back! These two stories were recently sent to us, and we just loved them! (Who knew Hank plays Cupid when he isn't busy guarding the ranch?) We hope you enjoy them as... Read More

ANNOUNCING: Details for Hank #65! "The Almost Last Roundup"

Hi Hank Fans!  Bet you've been wondering what the next Hank the Cowdog book is about! Well, here are some details! It'll be released on March 16, 2015, and here's the summary from the back cover: "Hank the Cowdog has seen dry summers in his years as the Head of... Read More

Hank Makes ABC's "Made in America" 2014 Christmas Gift Guide

  Hi Hank fans!  You've always known Hank was awesome, but did you also know that the books and audiobooks are made in America? And, for other great, American-made Christmas gifts this year, check out ABC's Christmas Gift Guide here. ( Hank is on page 2! Hope you have a very... Read More

"The Case of the Turkey Bandits," from The Case of the Kidnapped Collie (Hank #26)

  Dear Hank-Fans, You think turkeys are nice? Hank knows differently:    From "The Case of the Kidnapped Collie":      "He sat down beside us and gave me his usual silly grin. “Hi Hank. I guess I fell asleep. Did I miss anything?”     “You missed everything, Drover.... Read More

Contest Results! (Slim and Viola Quiz)

Hi Hank-Readers!  The results are in, and here are our 3 winners! And, to everyone who entered, great job! We hope you'll enter the next contest even if you didn't win this one!    Grand Prize: Noah Cecil (Signed, personalized, hardback copy of Hank #64, Volumes 1&2 and 3&4 of "Hank's... Read More

A CONTEST: How well do you know Slim and Viola?

  Hey Hank Fans! So you think you know a lot about everyone’s favorite bachelor cowboy? How about the sweet local ranch gal? Let’s test your knowledge of Slim and Viola! Here’s your chance to quiz yourself on how well you know the Hank books for a chance to win... Read More

An easy way to find all of the Hank the Cowdog ebooks

  Dear Readers,    We know you're probably on-the-go more these days now that the school year has started back up, and to keep up with your busy schedule, did you know that you can enjoy your favorite Hank the Cowdog books in all major ebook formats? Try one today,... Read More

Announcing: A Sneak Peek at Hank #64

  Hi Hank Readers!  We hope you've had a great summer! We know school is starting up soon (if it hasn't already) for most of you, and we wanted to give you something fun to look forward to: Hank #64, "The Three Rings" - to be released on October 3rd!... Read More

Essay by John R. Erickson in American Cowboy magazine: "Elmer Kelton"

  Hi Hank Readers,  We hope you enjoy this essay by John Erickson! In the article, published in American Cowboy magazine's August issue, the author of Hank the Cowdog reflects on Texan literary legend, Elmer Kelton.    From the article:  "...With hopes of my own literary accolades, I left the... Read More

Trailer for the Upcoming Hank the Cowdog Movie!

Hey Everyone!      VERY EXCITING NEWS! We've been getting a lot of questions about the progress of the upcoming Hank the Cowdog movie, and today we're pleased to announce the Official Teaser Trailer!   “We always had a feeling that it would make a wonderful series of animated movies."... Read More

Featured Friend of Hank: "Book People" in Austin, TX

    Hey Hank-Readers!  This post is the first in a series of stories covering independent book stores, gift shops, etc., around the country that carry Hank the Cowdog books. Not only are these owners great people and Hank-fans themselves (and, therefore, fun to read about), BUT you also just... Read More

A Wildlife Biologist’s Interview of Ochiltree County’s Hank the Cowdog

    Hank’s Take on Texas Panhandle Wildlife A Wildlife Biologist’s Interview of Ochiltree County’s Hank the Cowdog By James D. Ray and John R. Erickson Preface--- Hank the Cowdog hails from a ranch near Perryton, right here in the Texas Panhandle.  His creator, John R. Erickson, has been producing... Read More

"Cow Sense: Mother Cows," by John R. Erickson

    It was a Sunday afternoon in February. Our family had gone into town for church that morning. Kris and the kids stayed in town for church functions in the evening, and I went back to the ranch to feed cattle.     It was along about five in... Read More

"Love and Land," Article by John Erickson in American Cowboy magazine

To read the article in its entirety, please visit American Cowboy's website here. From the article: "Inspired by John Wayne's words of wisdom, John Erickson—perhaps best known as the author of the Hank the Cowdog series—writes what it means to be a man of the West." “The West—the very words... Read More

A Sneak Peek at Chapters 3 and 4 of "The Return of the Charlie Monsters"

Hey Everyone! We hope you enjoy this excerpt from Hank #63! Hank and Drover have just found Pete stalking the turkeys that Sally May enjoys watching from her kitchen window. Pete isn't having an luck, so he suggests that the dogs give turkey-chasing a try, unless, of course, they've gotten... Read More

Hank #63 EBOOK - Now Available!

    Dear Readers,    We hope you've had a chance to enjoy "The Return of the Charlie Monsters"! But, just in case you haven't, did you know that it's also available in all major ebook formats? That means you can read it today! We hope you enjoy it!!   ... Read More

Contest Winners!!

The results are in! We have our winners for the "Calling All 'Hanks'" contest!  Congratulations to everyone who won, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! We really loved seeing all of the "Hank the Cowdogs" out there!      Lise Ostenberg: First Prize Winner (2 Hardcover Hanks... Read More

"Coyotes and Dogs" - by John R. Erickson

    Years ago, I was riding a pasture up in Beaver County, Oklahoma. Our ranch mutts, Foxie and Pooch, went along with me, as they usually did, following along behind my horse and doing the usual dog-things.     All at once I noticed something odd. We were passing... Read More

One of the Songs from Hank 63!

  Hey Hank-Fans!  Guess what?! "The Return of the Charlie Monsters" gets released in just about 3 weeks! (April 8th) But, in the meantime, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what the music for the audiobook sounds like!  Listen to Slim's tragic tale in "Don't Haul a Sick... Read More

The Cattleman Magazine (in which Hank made his debut) Turns 100 This Year!

Hey Hank Fans!  Many of you probably know that Hank made his literary debut into the pages of The Cattleman magazine in the 1980s, but you might not know what an honor it was! At that time, the magazine didn't publish any fiction, but it made an exception for Hank's... Read More

CONTEST: Calling all "Hanks"!

Hey Hank-fans!   Do you know (or know-of) a real-life dog named Hank? We’re guessing the answer is yes, because there are a ton of them out there! In fact, “Hank” is currently the 36th most popular dog-name on the books! (See for a complete list of the most popular... Read More

Hank #63 - A Sneak Peek

Hey Hank-Fans! Here's a peek at the next Hank book, "The Return of the Charlie Monsters," and - true to form - it's a GREAT one! The official release date is April 8, 2014. In the meantime, keep an eye out for fun contests and updates!  Summary:  Things that go... Read More

"Feeding in the Snow" - by John R. Erickson

    Dear Hank-Readers,  This article first appeared on Hank's Blog in Dec. 2011, but we figured (in light of the weather this week) that some of you might enjoy reading it again:   "Feeding in the Snow," by John R. Erickson   One of these years, I hope... Read More

Announcing: WINNERS of the Christmas Card Contest!

  Dear Hank-Fans,     First off, thank you for every entry that you sent in! We here at Maverick Books LOVED each and every card we saw!     And, as promised, we've picked the winners, have contacted them, and will be sending out their prize packages (Winners: As requested, please be... Read More

Ebook Readers On Your List This Christmas?

Hi Everyone,  Merry Christmas! You're probably done with most of your shopping by now, but, just in case you're still looking for that perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves Hank the Cowdog, why not introduce them to the Hank the Cowdog ebooks?  You can find the... Read More

UPDATE: Getting SIGNED Hank books for Christmas

Dear Hank-Fans,  **UPDATE**  #1) Autographs will not be available on orders placed after 9:00 AM on Dec 13. #2) According to the Post Office, the last day we can send Priority Mail (which is how we ship all orders) from Perryton with the expectation it will get to you by Christmas is... Read More

Christmas-y Hank Songs!

  Dear Hank-Fans,  Merry Christmas! We hope you'll enjoy these winter-y, Christmas-y songs by Hank and Drover!  And, don't forget these cheery lines from Wallace the Buzzard: "Christmas is just for ninnies and children, and my last word on the subject is phooey on Christmas. Good-bye and good riddance." -The... Read More

"A Gift for Me?" - An Excerpt from "The Case of the Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve" (Hank #13)

Chapter Two:     . . . I went padding up to Slim, just as he was going through the gate. I was glad to see the old rascal, and as you might expect, he was delighted to see me.     “Hi Hankie, what do you think of this snow?”... Read More

Contest Announcement!!! Make a Hank-Themed Christmas Card!

  Dear Hank-Fans,     Another CONTEST!!! Here’s a chance to put your creative skills to the test:     We know that we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, but we wanted to give y’all a head-start on this great Christmas contest! (Deadline: December 10th, 2013)   The Contest:    We've provided... Read More

Hank #62 - Also available as an ebook!

    Dear Readers,    We hope you've had a chance to enjoy "The Ghost of Rabbits Past"! But, just in case you haven't, did you know that it's also available in all major ebook formats? That means you can read it today! We hope you enjoy it!!    ~The... Read More

A Ghost in the Cake House? - An Excerpt from Hank #9: "The Case of the Halloween Ghost"

From the archives! (Originally posted on Oct. 14, 2012) Hi Hank-Readers!  Just the other day, a reader emailed Hank asking, "What is a cake house?" We're so glad you asked, because that reminds us of one of the best scenes from Book 9, The Case of the Halloween Ghost!   From... Read More

Old 1989 Article! You'll Want to Read This Blast-From-Hank's-Past!

Hi Hank-Fans!  Isn't is fun what the internet turns up sometimes? Take a look at this blast-from-Hank's-past: an old article about the Hank the Cowdog books from 1989! Also, take a look at the whole article (by following the link at the end of our excerpt), and tell us what... Read More

Live in or around Houston? Hank the Cowdog is on the stage once again!

Hi Hank fans!  This Sunday, Oct. 20th, Main Street Theater is performing "The Case of the Missing Cat" in Houston, TX. For more information click on one of the links below!    Admission Info: $10 tickets. General Day & Time Info: Sunday, October 20 at 1pm. Location: Main Street Theater... Read More

Hank's Take on Columbus...

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!    Here's a great excerpt from Hank #25, The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado," in which Hank and Drover are fixing to bark at the storm. However, Drover wants guessed it...head for the machine shed: (keep an eye out for Hank's lesson on the... Read More

Hank 62 Excerpt from Chapters 4 and 5

The coyotes have invaded the ranch, and they're on a mission. Hank is trying to figure out what that might be...and keep from getting eaten in the process! "Drover Is Catnipped" “Thank you, Snort.  I don’t know how I’ve gotten along all these years without your help.  Okay, you’re shopping... Read More

PRESS RELEASE! Events in and around Kerrville on Sept. 18th!

Press Release Hank the Cowdog author—John Erickson, HEB Food Stores, and Lamb Creek Family Adventures join together to help families kindle a love for stories.       On September 18, 2013 Kerrville, Texas based Lamb Creek Family Adventures, Inc. will launch its inaugural geo-coded based adventure.     The... Read More

Announcing: Hank the Cowdog #62!

  Hey Hank-Readers!  Want a sneak peek at the next Hank the Cowdog book? It's called, "The Ghost of Rabbits Past," and will be released this fall!  What it's about:     Talk about a rude awakening! Things go from bad to worse when Hank and Drover wake up in... Read More

Hank's Corner #4: The Original 'Hank' of "Hank the Cowdog" (The Dog Who Started It All)

Hi Everyone,    Ever wondered if there was a real Hank the Cowdog? Hear John R. Erickson tell a little about the dog who inspired the first Hank the Cowdog story!  And, you know Hank the Cowdog lives in Texas, but did the original "Hank"? Find out in this episode... Read More

John Graves, Texas Author - Part 2

  As promised!   John Graves, Texas Author (Part 2) by John R. Erickson (for Part 1, click here)    ...But I kept looking and sending out query letters.  At last, five years later, I sent the manuscript to a small press in Austin, Shoal Creek Publishers, which consisted of... Read More

In Memoriam: John Graves, Texas Author, 1920 - 2013

  Dear Hank-Fans,      For those of you who haven't heard of John Graves: You've been missing out, until now. Sadly, this legendary Texas author died yesterday at the age of 92. But, to commemorate his life's work, his beautiful writing, we've decided to post (in two parts) an essay written... Read More

"The Children’s Books We Still Love as Adults," from B&N's Book Blog

         Hi Hank-Fans!  We hope you'll enjoy seeing good ol' Hank on the list of "The Children's Books We Still Love as Adults":    Excerpt:  Nicole Hill recommends John R. Erickson’s Hank the Cowdog series: “The first chapter of the first adventure has a murder in the first paragraph.... Read More

Chapter 4: Grasshoppers Taste Yucko (The Mopwater Files)

  I did a Visual and Sniffatory Scan of the gravel drive. My instruments zeroed in on a target, bearing 197 degrees and 5.773 megawatts west of the yard gate. It was a smallish green hopper, of the Omega Class. I shifted into Stealthy Crouch Mode and . . .  “There’s a nice... Read More

We're HUGE Fans of This Hank-Fan

Dear Hank-Fans, We hope you enjoy this as much as we did:  ... Read More

"The Time It Rained" - by John R. Erickson

    Around the middle of May 1995, I assembled a crew of cowboys and neighbors to help round up and brand. While we were out horseback, one of the cowboys told me that he had been getting up extra early in the mornings and re-reading The Time It Never... Read More

Hank's Serial Stories in Newspapers this Summer!

Exciting News!  Starting this week, these four newspapers will be carrying one of the sydicated (not-released-in-book-format) Hank the Cowdog serial stories, "The Kitty Cheater":  The Clifton Record The Meridian Tribune Jackson County Herald Tribune  Meade County News (Meade, KS) Then, in July, weekly newspapers in these five towns in Texas will... Read More

"Hank...Popular Means of Encouraging Children to Read", Article in The Amarillo Globe-News

  "Hank the Cowdog Popular Means of Encouraging Children to Read," Article in The Amarillo Globe-News     Hi Hank-Fans, We thought you might enjoy this article, written a few years back, from the Amarillo Globe-News! Link to full article in the Amarillo Globe-News How about you? Did Hank help you or... Read More

Teenage Boys, by John R. Erickson

Originally posted on August 27, 2012, we thought this would be a fun post to revive!        Our son Mark and his friend Christopher were teenagers. Each by himself was intelligent, courteous, and resourceful. Each by himself was a good worker on the ranch. But when they got... Read More

"Hank in Concert" - Part 2!

Hi Hank-Fans! Here's Part Two! We hope you enjoy hearing John Erickson read from "The Case of the Perfect Dog," Chapter 7. And, as always, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! ~The Ranch-hands (In case you missed it, click here to view Part... Read More

Interview with Dr. James Dobson, "Heart of a Cowboy," Parts 1 and 2

  May 16-17, 2013 "Heart of a Cowboy," Parts 1 and 2 Click here to hear John R. Erickson's interview with Dr. James Dobson.   From Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk's Website:       "It seems like everywhere you turn, you have to worry about what the kids are watching... Read More

Have you tried a Hank the Cowdog ebook yet?

  Dear Readers,    We hope you've had a chance to enjoy "The Case of the Prowling Bear"! But, just in case you haven't, did you know that the Hank the Cowdog books are also available in all major ebook formats? That means you can read it today! If you... Read More

"Hank in Concert" - Hear John R. Erickson read from Hank #59

Hi Hank-Fans!  Here's Part One of the latest video from John R. Erickson! See and hear him read from "The Case of the Perfect Dog," Chapter 7. And, as always, we love to hear from you so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!... Read More

ANNOUNCING: The Contest Winners!

  Hello Everyone!      First off, congratulations to everyone who entered! A lot of creativity and fun went into each entry we saw, and it took a long time to decide the winners in each category. Second, thank you for entering! We REALLY enjoyed watching everyone's videos and looking at... Read More

Hank and Food: Read One Fan's Fun Twist on Hank's Love of Breakfast Scraps

Hi Hank-Readers!     We're doing something a little different today and featuring a bit (and the link to the rest) of a great blog post by a devoted Hank fan (who is also the mother of a few more fans!). Take a look at My Whit's End's Rebecca's take on... Read More

Hank's Corner #3: The Story Behind the Audiobooks

Hi Everyone!      Here's the latest from John R. Erickson! Hear the story of behind the making of the first Hank the Cowdog audiobooks.     Fun Fact: Did you know that, from the start, John intended for the stories to be read aloud? One of the most unique... Read More

Contest-Deadline Reminder!

 Hi Hank Fans! The deadline for The Case of the Prowling Bear Contest is coming up soon (April 30th), and we've already recieved some great submissions! Be sure to submit your entry on-time in order to qualify for one of the great prize packages! Contest details below:    PRIZES (1st and 2nd place... Read More

"Jeff's Longhorn Steer," by John R. Erickson

    Jeff Chase ran steers on the Brownlee-Cook ranch and joined our outfit on the north end. One day he drove down to the river country to ride through his steers, and while he was in the neighborhood, he paid us a visit.     We sat out on... Read More

Hank's Corner #2: How Gerald L. Holmes Came To Be Hank's Illustrator

Hi Hank-Fans!  Here's the latest from John R. Erickson! Hear the story of how he met Hank's long-time illustrator, Gerald L. Holmes.  Hope you enjoy it!  ... Read More

Hank's Corner #1: Hear John R. Erickson Talk About His Background in Ranching

Hi Hank-Readers, We hope you enjoy this interview with the author! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below. And, let us know if there's anything you'd especially like to hear him talk about in upcoming videos!    To view the video on Hank's... Read More

News Article: "Author of 'Hank the Cowdog' Reissues First Book"

Author of 'Hank the Cowdog' Reissues First Book By Chip Chandler "Long before Hank the Cowdog was patrolling the ranch, his daddy was getting a first-hand look at the history of his home region. Now, fans of author John R. Erickson can get a look at his first book, reissued... Read More

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT for “The Case of the Prowling Bear”!

  …Actually two contests! For Hank #61, we’ve devised two great contests (for different age groups), and we hope you enjoy them!    Contest #1: Coloring Contest (Ages 3-9) ENTRY: To qualify for Contest #1, show us your best coloring of this illustration from Hank #61! Directions: 1.     Print off this illustration, 2.    ... Read More

The Songs! (From "The Case of the Prowling Bear")

  Hi Hank-Fans!  "The Case of the Prowling Bear" is on its way! The official release of the book and audiobook will be on May 3rd, but in the meantime, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the songs. Be sure to let us know what you think... Read More

Have you found Hank on Goodreads?

Announcing....  . Goodreads Book Giveaway Hank the Cowdog by John R. Erickson Giveaway ends March 31, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win ... Read More

Some VERY exciting news...

Announcing: "The Case of the Prowling Bear"! Have you been wondering what Hank the Cowdog #61 will be about? Wonder no more! "The Case of the Prowling Bear" will be released this April, and here's a sneak peak at the story:   "Everyone knows that bears live in the mountains…and there... Read More

Questions from the Mailbag, Part 2

Dear Readers,  As promised: John R. Erickson's answers to some of your questions . . . Enjoy, and keep reading!    Q) From Sunshine: Will Hank ever get a girlfriend? Or have any "little Hanks"? :) I always feel sorry for him always coming out the loser, when he really... Read More

Questions From the Mailbag

(Part 1 of 2)     In this post, John Erickson will answer a few questions that he often gets from readers. And, if you have any questions of your own, be sure to leave them in the comments section below, and maybe yours will be featured next week!  ... Read More

"Sketch of a Cowboy," An Essay

    The word “cowboy” did not exist in the English language until the traildriving period of the 1870s and 1880s. Before that time, mounted men who handled livestock were known as “drovers” or “herders.” When the word first appeared, probably in the railroad terminal cities in Kansas and Nebraska,... Read More

The Saturday Before Christmas

    Getting out of this canyon to attend church in the wintertime is sometimes an ordeal. The Saturday before Christmas of 1997, a cold norther blew into the Panhandle. The weather forecasters were predicting freezing rain and snow. They got the first half of it right. It started raining... Read More

Sally May's Apple Pie

(*For 9" or deep-dish pie plate) Crust Ingredients:1 1/4 c. flour 1/2 c. shortening 1/2 tsp. salt1/3 c. cold water Filling Ingredients:7-8 tart apples (or enough to mound over edge of plate) 2/3-3/4 c. sugar mixed with 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 Tbsp. flour 1 Tbsp. butter Topping Ingredients:1/2 c. butter... Read More

The Big Question: Chapter One

    It’s me again, Hank the Cowdog. At this point, you don’t know The Big Question and I’m not in a position to tell you, not yet. See, it’s classified information, very secret, and we can’t go public with it until later in the story.     Can you... Read More

Oklahoma Children's Theatre: Hank the Cowdog

Ever wanted to see Hank on stage? Here's a chance to do just that! "When Sally May comes home from the hospital with a new baby girl, it causes a stir on the ranch. Hank thinks it's a Giant Baldheaded Lizard-but Alfred is jealous of the new baby and runs... Read More

"So You Want To Buy A Horse?," by John R. Erickson

    Not long ago a man asked me for some advice on buying his kids a horse. I told him I didn't consider myself an expert, but I had some opinions and he was welcome to them. For what they're worth, I pass them along to others who might... Read More

Be Among the First to Hear Book 60's Songs - Available Now!

Hi Hank-Fans!  As you've probably guessed, we're really excited about "The Big Question" (To be released Oct. 11 this year), and we hope you are too! Today, we're pleased to make the songs from the audiobook available to you: the first one is Maters and Taters, sung by Slim, and the... Read More

The Ice Cream Party, by John R. Erickson

    The summer of 1998 was the most unpleasant and demoralizing summer in my memory. June and July brought searing heat, brutal winds, range fires, and no rain.     Our grass, what little we had, appeared to be dead. Our ponds dried up and the springs slowed to... Read More

Recording the Audiobook! Behind-the-Scenes of Book #60...

Ever wondered how the Hank the Cowdog audiobooks are made? Well, here’s a look behind the scenes of the recording session for the songs from Hank #60, “The Big Question”! Pictures to the left were taken in the studio: Mark Erickson, Carlos Casso, and Erik Chapman. The songs being recorded... Read More

"The Big Question" - Was your guess right?

Hi Hank-Fans!  We loved reading your guesses about what "The Big Question" is all about! And, here's the moment you've been waiting for:  "It’s the day before Christmas, and Loper and Sally May have left Slim to manage the ranch while they go off to visit relatives for the holidays.... Read More

Announcing! Book #60: The Big Question

Hi Hank-Fans!  We here at Maverick Books are getting excited about the upcoming release of the next Hank the Cowdog book: #60, "The Big Question"! And, this week, we're happy to get to show you a sneak peek at the cover!  But...we aren't going to tell you what it's about just yet...we... Read More

Favorite Quotes About Dogs

Do you have a favorite quote about dogs? We do! And, if you do, we'd love for you to share it with us in the comments section below! “Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France   “He that lieth down with... Read More

"Things That Sting," An Essay by John R. Erickson

    We have insects on this ranch that come armed with a stinger. The first that comes to mind is the yellowjacket wasp. They like our house. They love our house and would move in with us if we gave them any encouragement at all. We don’t, so they... Read More

Hank's "Ranch Life" Series, Part 4

Ranching As a Business      Now we know the difference between a ranch and a farm, don't we?  We've learned that a ranch is mostly grassland, while a farm is mostly cropland.  And we've learned that cattle are eating machines that can turn grass into delicious beef, which is... Read More

Hank's "Ranch Life" Series, Part 3

The Case of the Four Chambered Stomach (Warning: You're fixing to learn a lot about cows)      Cows can survive on grass because they've got a special four chambered stomach that can digest it. Animals that live off of grass, such as your cattle, your goats and sheep and... Read More

Hank's "Ranch Life" Series, Part 2

A Ranch Is Not A Farm       Here's the first thing you ought to know about a ranch. It's not the same as a farm. A farm is mostly cropland, see, which means that the land is plowed and planted to crops, such as wheat, barley, rye, corn, oats,... Read More

Hank's "Ranch Life" Series, Part 1

Introduction      It's me again, Hank the Cowdog.  So you want to know about ranching?  Well, you came to the right place.       I happen to be pretty muchly an expert on the subject and I probably know more about this ranch than anybody in the whole world,... Read More

My Mother-in-Law

     In 1967 I married a Dallas girl.  I have often wondered why my mother-in-law allowed this to happen.      Her name was Mary Dykema, and she certainly gave me the benefit of the doubt.  Of that commodity, doubt, there was plenty.  I had no job nor... Read More

War on the Rodents

In the fall of 1998, mice began showing up in the bunkhouse, the old shack I went every morning at 5:30 to do my writing.  I didn’t mind sharing my office space with mice who behave themselves, but these got out of hand. They were chewing up papers and envelopes... Read More

Writing About Dogs, Part 2

(Continued from last week)  . . . When you write a dog’s internal monolog, as I do with Hank, it gives the narrative a fractured, lurching flow that tends to move in circles.  And that can be very funny.     A conversation between Hank and Drover is actually two conversations,... Read More

Writing About Dogs, Part 1

    I am often asked, “What made you decide to write books about a dog?”     Well, we can begin by saying that it wasn’t planned.  As a university student, I never would have thought about writing humor, especially stories about dogs.  I studied something called Literature,... Read More

"Ask Hank", #2

QUESTION:  "I was wondering why Drover sometimes is brave, like when Hank joined the coyotes and Drover had to defend the ranch "I ain't gonna run", and sometimes he's a scared cat, "Poof!" He was gone to the machine shed." -Cale   ANSWER:  "Drover and Hank both have problems with... Read More

"The Importance of Writing Letters," An Article by John R. Erickson

Hi Hank-Readers,  Ever given letter-writing a try? You might want to once you read the latest article by John R. Erickson, published in World Magazine: "The Importance of Writing Letters" We hope you enjoy! And, as always, be sure to let us know what you think! We love to read your... Read More

"The Case of the Perfect Dog" Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners, and a BIG THANK YOU from all of us at Maverick Books to everyone who entered! We loved your entries!   In the end, it was very hard to choose between the many wonderful entries we recieved. We hope you enjoy seeing the drawings we picked. ... Read More

"Ask Hank", #1

Dear Readers,       This week kicks-off what will become a regular feature on Hank's Blog: "Ask Hank."      Because we receive lots of great questions from Hank the Cowdog readers and fans in the mailbag (and in the "Get in Touch" part of Hank's site:, John R.... Read More

Louis L'Amour

On this day (March 22) in 1908, Louis L'Amour, the man widely considered to be "one of the world's most popular writers," was born, and, though he died over 20 years ago, his impact on American storytelling lives on. By John R. Erickson: In 1980 I attended a convention of the Western Writers of... Read More

CONTEST! Entry Deadline: March 23rd

Winners will be announced Wednesday, March 28 and contacted by email. Winning drawings will be posted this week. Congrats to all who entered!    Announcing: The Case of the Perfect Dog Contest!  1st Place Prize: 1 Personalized, autographed copy of Hank 59, 1 pack of Hank the Cowdog playing cards.... Read More

Interview with John R. Erickson in the Texas Country Reporter

Hi Hank-Readers, We hope you enjoy Texas Country Reporter's interview with John R. Erickson. This video also includes footage from a 1988 interview.  "In Perryton Texas, mamas still let their babies grow up to be cowboys..."    To view the video on the TCR's channel, just go to Read More

Labradors Voted America's Favorite Dog 21st Year in a Row

     Well, Hank must be right, Labradors really are America's favorite dog!      Last week, the American Kennel Club came out with its yearly rankings based on registration statistics, and, for the 21st year in a row, Labrador Retrievers came in at first place.      Also of... Read More

"Success in the Arts," An Essay by John R. Erickson, Originally Published in WORLD Magazine

"Success in the Arts" Excerpts below:       When I speak to young people about writing, I wonder if they will have the discipline and fortitude to endure the years of hardship that most apprentice writers have to experience. I also wonder if they will have the wisdom to cope... Read More

"Cowboys and Doctors," An Essay by John R. Erickson

    I’ve never known a cowboy or rancher who wanted to go to the doctor.  Part of the reason is that they pry into your personal life and ask embarrassing questions, such as, “What happened?”     Glenn Green gave one of the all-time best answers to that question... Read More

Announcing: The Release Date for Hank #59!

March 29th!    Hi Hank-Fans!  Are you as excited as we are about reading The Case of the Perfect Dog? Well, keep your eye out for upcoming news and contests related to the release of this exciting new addition to Hank's adventures!  Hank the Cowdog book #59 will be available to... Read More

Hank-Reader in the News: Young Reader Reaches One Million Word Mark

Hi Hank-fans,  Check out this reader's story! Excerpts below:  How long does it take to read a million words? Just ask Show Low’s Linden Elementary School second-grader Kathryn Shea Middleteon, who goes by Shea. She is the first second-grader ever at Linden Elementary to read one million words, 1,044,410 the... Read More

Hank the Cowdog Party Ideas

Hi Hank-Fans!  Have you ever thought of having a Hank-themed birthday party? Over the years, we've received countless emails from Hank readers (parents and kids alike) asking for ideas for how to throw a Hank the Cowdog party. And, here's our answer! And, please be sure to email us (using... Read More

Maybe They Really Were Tougher...

January of 1997 brought us several weeks of bitterly cold weather.  What we got out of it was mild compared to the reports that came out of the Dakotas, but our share was bad enough. We needed our best clothes for this one.  For days the temperature didn't rise... Read More

Did you know?

Live in or near Oklahoma? Well, if you're ever near Forgan, Oklahoma, be sure to check out this monument dedicated to Hank!   "Don't take noth'n fer granite ...." - Hank the Cowdog Exploring Oklahoma - Hank the Cowdog Monument    ... Read More

Our New Football Coach

His name was Ray Hopkins and we had heard that he was due to arrive in Perryton near the end of the 1961 track season.  He was to be our new varsity football coach.  We were all anxious to meet him, but also a little nervous. What kind of... Read More

Cowboy Humor

When Leo arrived at Frankie's ranch, all the cowboys were gone.  Leo was the only human on that seventeen square mile outfit in Lipscomb County.  Naturally he began looking around for the raw materials for a prank.     Within minutes he had found what he needed:  a box... Read More

Texas Humor

An Englishman had recently come back home from a visit to Texas and was telling his friends about his trip. One fellow asked, "What most impressed you about Texans?"      He replied, "Their confidence. A Texan took me duck hunting and we sat in a blind all day and never... Read More

White Christmas

Back in the 1970s, I had a cowboy friend who worked for an outfit that ran a thousand head of steers on wheat pasture on the flats around Perryton.  He was a nice feller, mild mannered and easy going, but there was one sure way of bringing fire to... Read More

Preparing For The Snow Storm

December of 1995 was a hard time for ranchers in the upper Panhandle.  On our ranch in the Canadian River valley, we got a blowing snow the week before Christmas and that complicated my simple routine of feeding cattle every day. First, I had to plow my way through... Read More

Who is Hank? (Part Four)

Classic Film Comedies.  My friend Paul Boller introduced me to the classic films of Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, and the Marx Brothers.  Before they were widely known to my generation and available on DVD, Boller collected them in a film format known as Super Eight.  Any time he came... Read More

Who is Hank? (Part Three)

Books and Authors.  Teachers and librarians are often surprised (and maybe disappointed) to learn that, as a boy, I wasn’t an avid reader.  In my parents’ home, we had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in our living room, loaded with books, and my bedroom upstairs had a smaller version, filled with books my... Read More

Who is Hank? (Part Two)

In Story Craft, I compare the creative process to the tending of a compost heap.  “I never know exactly what will come out of my mental/spiritual compost heap.  The characters, dialog, and plot lines that end up in my stories bear some resemblance to the experiences I’ve had, yet they’ve... Read More

Who Is Hank? (Part One)

In 1875, Mark Twain wrote to a friend about the book he had just finished writing: Tom Sawyer. “It is not a boy’s book, at all. It will only be read by adults. It is only written for adults.” Several months later, he wrote the same friend, saying that he... Read More