The Space Ship

A one-act play; 16 script pages.


  • SALLY MAY, a stressed mother and wife
  • Loper, Her husband, a rancher
  • ALFRED, a five year old boy
  • Slim, a bachelor cowboy on the ranch
  • HANK THE COWDOG, a bungling ranch dog
  • DROVER, a little mutt


Loper and Sally May have to leave the ranch for two days and all the babysitters are busy. Against her better judgment, Sally May agrees to leave her son and house in the care of the ranch’s bachelor cowboy, Slim Chance. After a “cowboy lunch” of Vienna sausage and crackers, Slim and Alfred lie down on the sofa for a nap. Slim drops right off to sleep. Alfred doesn't. He lets Hank into the house, and they polish off a whole gallon of strawberry ice cream. Then Alfred decides to give Hank a ride in a “space ship.” Even though the ship looks a lot like Sally May’s clothes dryer, Hank climbs aboard. When Sally May returns home, she finds a mysterious pink substance behind her sofa.

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