Lost In The Dark Unchanted Forest

A comedy in three acts; 45 script pages.


  • HANK THE COWDOG, Head of Ranch Security
  • DROVER, a little mutt
  • PETE, a cunning little cat
  • J.T. CLUCK, a rooster
  • LOPER, the ranch owner
  • SALLY MAY, Loper’s wife
  • ALFRED, a five-year old boy
  • SINISTER, a bobcat
  • MADAME MOONSHINE, a witchy little owl
  • SNORT, a coyote
  • RIP, Snort’s brother
  • WALLACE, a grouchy buzzard
  • JUNIOR, Wallace’s son


When Sally May comes home from the hospital with a new baby girl, it causes a stir on the ranch. Hank thinks it’s a Giant Baldheaded Lizard. Alfred is jealous of the new baby and runs away from home, into the Dark Unchanted Forest. He is followed by Sinister, a ferocious bobcat, and Hank must go into the forest and save the boy. On the way, he encounters a weird little owl, Madame Moonshine, and a couple of rowdy coyotes, Rip and Snort. At last Hank finds Alfred, sitting in a shallow cave with Wallace and Junior, the buzzards.


  • "DISORIENTATION" sung by Madame Moonshine & Hank
  • "ME JUST A WORTHLESS COYOTE" sung by Rip & Snort
  • "I LOVE ALL KINDS OF STUFF" sung by Hank, Alfred, Wallace, & Junior

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