Every Dog Has His Day

Three act musical comedy; 44 script pages


  • HANK THE COWDOG, Head of Ranch Security
  • DROVER, a little mutt
  • LOPER, the ranch owner
  • BAXTER, a cowboy
  • BENNY, a champion stock dog
  • MISS SCAMPER, a sultry beagle
  • RIP AND SNORT, the rowdy coyote brothers
  • WALLACE, a grouchy old buzzard
  • JUNIOR, Wallace's son
  • MADAME MOONSHINE, a witchy little owl


When Benny, a champion stock dog, comes to the ranch to help with a cattle roundup, Hank gets in deep trouble, loses his job, and goes into exile. After narrow escapes with the notorious coyote brothers and the buzzards, and a comical romantic fling with Miss Scamper, Hank saves his master from quicksand and is redeemed.


  • "SADDLE UP OVERTURE IN C-MAYBE" sung by the Cowboy Chorus
  • "I'D LIKE TO BE YOUR PAL" sung by Hank
  • "SONG OF THE ROAD" sung by Hank
  • "THE CANNIBAL WAY" sung by Rip and Snort
  • "HANK'S LULLABY" sung by Hank
  • "A POX, A POX ON EMILY POST" sung by Wallace and Junior
  • "THE THIRD TEST SONG" sung by Madame Moonshine

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