Thank You, Lord, For Making Gals

Three-act musical comedy; 40 script pages.


  • HANK THE COWDOG, Head of Ranch Security
  • DROVER, a little mutt
  • TUERTO, a one-eyed killer stud horse
  • SALLY MAY, a long-suffering ranch wife
  • PETE, a scheming little cat
  • ALFRED, a five-year old boy
  • GRANDMA, Alfred’s grandmother
  • ASHLEY, an eight-year old girl
  • BEULAH THE COLLIE, Hank’s true love
  • SNORT, a rowdy coyote
  • RIP, Snort’s brother


This is a tale about Hank’s relationships with three of the most important women in his life: Sally May (who thinks he’s an oaf); Beulah the Collie (who likes him but knows he’s not reliable); and Ashley (an eight-year old girl who loves him just as he is and plays “beauty shop” with his hair). Running through the story is Tuerto, a one-eyed villain with a grudge against the world, and Hank’s never-ending quarrel with Sally May’s cat. Hank wins points with Sally May when he saves Ashley from an attack by Tuerto.


  • "TUERTO'S SONG" sung by Tuerto
  • "POOR ME" sung by Hank
  • "I CAN SEE YOU NOW" sung by Beulah
  • "OH BOY, OH BOY" sung by Rip and Snort
  • "BEULAH’S SONG" sung by Hank and Beulah
  • "THANK YOU, LORD, FOR MAKING GALS" sung by Hank and Drover

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