The Case of the Missing Cat

Three-act musical comedy; 39 script pages.


  • HANK THE COWDOG, Head of Ranch Security
  • DROVER, a little mutt
  • PETE, a very nasty little cat
  • THE LUMBER PILE BUNNY, a rabbit on the ranch
  • SNORT, a rowdy coyote
  • RIP, Snort’s brother


This story centers around one of the best villains in Hank series: Sally May’s pampered kitty. Hank insists that Pete is a dumb cat, but everyone else knows the truth: this is an uncommonly smart, very nasty little cat who is a genius at drawing Hank into disasters. When Hank loses a bet and Pete wins Hank’s job as Head of Ranch Security, Hank makes a fateful decision: he drags Pete into a wild canyon and leaves him for the coyotes. Instead of finding true happiness, he discovers that life without a cat is dull and meaningless—and he brings the cat back to the ranch!


  • "CATS ARE STUPID"sung by Hank and Drover
  • "I MUST DISPOSE OF THE CAT"sung by Hank
  • "WE DON’T GIVE A HOOT"sung by Rip and Snort
  • "PRAIRIE VESPERS"sung by Hank, Drover and Pete

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