The Case of the Buried Deer



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Happy the Lab is back on the ranch, and it looks like he’s up to his usual good-natured, bumbling ways! And, it just so happens that he has wandered onto Hank’s ranch on a particularly exciting day: rain has finally come to their drought-stricken land, and – what’s even more exciting – radio reports claim that there’s a mountain lion on the prowl in their area! 

As the day unfolds, it appears that the mountain lion report was bogus, which is a good thing, since Hank already has his paws full surviving a bout of food-poisoning and a treacherous investigation of the machine shed, not to mention keeping an eye on Hap! Nevertheless, while Hank might find Hap a little exasperating at times, this latest adventure proves that a loyal lab is a great friend to have by your side when the going gets tough…then again, so is a cowdog!