The Case of the Three-Toed Tree Sloth



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Pete the Barncat isn’t known for his reliable story-telling, but when his report about a strange, tree-devouring creature is corroborated by another source—namely J.T. Cluck, the ranch’s head rooster—Hank decides to investigate.  However, just as the plot begins to thicken, Pete claims that it was all a joke and that the creature, a Three-Toed Tree Sloth, was really just a porcupine! Fortunately, Hank realizes that that’s just what a sneaky cat would say to throw him off the trail, and his continued investigation soon leads him to a strange, bumbling little creature—the Tree Sloth at last! 

    With the finely-tuned instincts of a Head of Ranch Security, Hank realizes that he must arrest this intruder! However, things don’t turn out quite like he’d planned, and Hank soon has a very serious problem on his hands...