The Case of the Perfect Dog



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Hank is helping the cowboys with the dangerous mission of rounding up a very angry bull when a strange twist of events brings a yellow Labrador onto the scene. The entire ranch quickly becomes enamored with this new addition to the ranch's Security Division. Who wouldn't love a good-natured dog who strikes fear into the hearts of angry bovine, wears a big sloppy grin all day, and adores the ranch kids? Where will Hank fit in now that there is a Perfect Dog on the scene? Hank sings a little song called "Happy Dog," and the yellow Labrador sings his story in "Happy's Confession."


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Okay, our ranch crew was in the process of receiving one of the most humiliating defeats in history. We had set out on a simple task, to load a bull, and the bull had ended up loading us.

I was embarrassed. Loper was mad. Slim was beyond mad. But then something really strange happened. A big yellow Labrador retriever stumbled out of some wild plum thickets on the south side of the road, and—this is the most amazing part, so pay attention—on his head he was wearing a BIRD CAGE!


I’m not kidding. A bird cage!


Slim was the first to see it. “Good honk, what IS THAT?”


Loper squinted his eyes and looked. I squinted my eyes and looked. Neither of us could believe what we were seeing. But here’s the best part: the bull couldn’t believe it either.