"The Power of Hank" - A Blast from Hank's Past

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

John erickson

Howdy Hank Fans!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful article from "The Wacoan"!

"...As the room fills, I see cowboy hats and baseball caps, old folks and teenagers. Children of all races clutch Hank books. And then, there is that boy in the wheelchair, sitting in front of me. I hear his mother say that her son is newly 11 and that he has a Hank poster on his bedroom door. I catch the words “rare” and “neurological.” They traveled all the way from Michigan to see the creator of his hero.

    Then John Erickson enters: book peddler, dog handler, Panhandle rancher and banjo picker. He is dressed for the occasion in black Wranglers and boots, a white cowboy shirt, a gray wool vest and a red kerchief tie. Erickson looks as out of place in the capital of Texas as this boy in the wheelchair from the Midwest. No matter. He plays one note on his banjo and sings the word, “chickens.” The audience roars with laughter. With one note and one word, Erickson’s got ’em, as if that banjo were a lasso..."


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