"The Case of the Troublesome Lady" is Finally Here!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017 | By Nikki, on behalf of the Maverick Books team



Hey Hank Fans! 

Hank #70 is here and it's awesome!! 

Not only does "The Case of the Troublesome Lady" deliver the same laughs and family-friendly fun you know you can count on in each new Hank book, it ALSO brings back one of the most hilarious characters ever introduced: Miss Scamper. 

You might remember her from her first appearance in "Faded Love" (Hank #5), in which she sabotages Hank's efforts to woo the beautiful Miss Beulah the Collie...and now she's back and causing even more trouble! This time, she seems bent on stirring up a big fight between Steel, the pit bull, and an unsuspecting Hank.

We hope you enjoy it (we sure have!) and that you'll let us know what you think once you've read it!

You can get your copy from Hank's Store HERE: Book 70 for the Kindle (Amazon)

OR, as an ebook from any of these retailers:

Book 70 for the Kindle (Amazon)

Book 70 for the iPad (iTunes)

Book 70 for the Nook (B&N.com)  


Happy reading!

Hank's Staff at Maverick Books


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