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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Announcing: "The Case of the Prowling Bear"!

Have you been wondering what Hank the Cowdog #61 will be about?

Wonder no more! "The Case of the Prowling Bear" will be released this April, and here's a sneak peak at the story:


"Everyone knows that bears live in the mountains…and there are no mountains in the Texas Panhandle. So, when Slim claims to have seen a bear cross the road, no one knows what to believe, that is, until Deputy Kile spreads a report that there really is a bear on the loose in Ochiltree County! With news like this, the ranch’s Security Force goes on Red Alert. Will Hank be able to defend the ranch from a raging, prowling bear?"


Details and contests to come, so stay tuned! 





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