Questions from the Mailbag, Part 2

Thursday, February 14, 2013 | By John R. Erickson

Dear Readers, 

As promised: John R. Erickson's answers to some of your questions . . . Enjoy, and keep reading! 


Q) From Sunshine: Will Hank ever get a girlfriend? Or have any "little Hanks"? :) I always feel sorry for him always coming out the loser, when he really does have such a big heart and good intentions in a lot of ways. Beulah once said, "Sometimes I think I should follow my heart, instead of my mind..." so does that mean that deep down she really does love Hank, or what? :)

  • A) Dear Sunshine: You found exactly the right text on Beulah, that line from Beulah's Song. It tells me that she likes Hank and admires his good qualities, but realizes that he's a dingbat part of the time. Plato is boring but steady. Maybe Beulah has bad taste in men. Thanks for the note.



Q) From Cowgirl Writer: Do you have any advice for those of us who hope to become published authors someday? I've heard that it's very hard to get published without a "platform". How would you suggest trying to get our work out there?

  • A) Dear Cowgirl Writer: Boy, do I have a deal for you. I wrote a whole, entire book about my experiences as a writer: Story Craft. It contains most of whatever wisdom I have on the subject. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks for the note.



Q) From Daniel: When is the movie supposed to come out? I read a news article about it a few months ago . . .

  • A) Hi Daniel. We hope to get the movie out around Easter 2014 or 2015. We are working on story boards and trying to raise the rest of the investor money. Be well.



Q) From Smicky: When will the next book be coming out? You left us with such a cliffhanger . . .

  • A) Dear Smicky: The next book, number 61, will be out this spring, but it does resolve the cliffhanger about Slim. This one is about a bear. The cliffhanger will remain hanging for a while. Stay tuned.



Q) From Mark and Matthew: When reading HTCD, do you allow any personality, celebrity, or even personal acquaintances flavor your voice and accents when assuming the character or personality of Hank, Drover, Pete, etc.?

  • A) Doc and Matthew: Thanks for the note. No, I don't pattern my voices after anyone. It's all very intuitive and, well, I just go to the studio and do it without much thought or preparation. Somehow it works. Wait. I did pattern Miss Scamper after Mae West, an actress from long ago. I'm glad you lads are having a good time with the stories, and thanks for the alert about #60. Be well.



Q) From Anonymous: Will there be another CD of Hank the Cowdog Greatest Hits? I love all of Hank’s Songs! And also will there be brand new Hank stuff for sell in stores when the animated movie comes out? Like a junior novel, new Hank plushies, figures, and t shirts.

  • A) Dear Friend of Hank: Thanks for writing the website. You're right, it's about time for another greatest hits CD. I'm glad you've enjoyed the songs. I'm also fond of them and so is my wife. When the movie comes out, we will have new products based on the characters as they appear in the movie, rounded and in color. Keep checking our website.



Q) From Tebowfan: What inspired you to mix top-notch technology with ranches?

  • A) Dear Tebowfan: The high tech stuff in the stories...I don't know where it all comes from--watching dogs, watching action movies, having an odd sense of humor. But somehow it all fits Hank. Thanks for the note.



Q) From Anonymous: How old does Hank think he is? How old does Hank think Drover is? (From 2 little homeschooling girls in NC). Their Mom asks when and where your next speaking engagement for homeschool educators is to be held. Thanks! Love your books.

  • A) Girls: I don't know how old Hank thinks he is, or Drover. Somehow I never have thought of that in thirty years of writing. Mom: I will be performing at the home school convention I Harrisburg, PA, in April, I think. You can check that on the Hank website. Thanks for the email. I send many blessings.



Q) From Ben: Where do you get your ideas for Hank the Cowdog books?

  • A) Hi Ben. Thanks for the note and for visiting the website. I get most of my ideas working on my ranch and watching our dogs, cats, cattle and horses. Glad you're enjoying the stories. Keep reading.


We hope you've enjoyed reading some of these questions and answers! If you have a question of your own, be sure to leave it in the comments section below, and we'll do another round in the near future! 




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