Midland Reporter-Telegram Interviews John R. Erickson about Finding Hank

Thursday, October 03, 2019

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Howdy, Hank fans! 


We hope you enjoy this GREAT interview with the Midland Reporter-Telegram about the upcoming Hank event AND John Erickson's thoughts on Finding Hank: 


From the interview: 


Erickson: “Finding Hank” will be coming out in about two weeks. This is more of a collectible book. Over the years, I’ve had so many questions by fans about the books, and I’ve never had the chance to answer those in the details they deserve. I wanted to do a book where I had the time to talk about the subject people want to hear about and give some of my own biography and illustrator’s Gerald Holmes story who passed just recently.


MRT: Why was now the time to do that book?


Erickson: I would get real letters and answer by hand, and I took pride in that. But with all the questions, I’ve never been able to go into great length. I actually wrote this about two, three years ago. But I hadn’t done this kind of book before and now, after 37 years, we’re into second- and third-generation readers.


MRT: What one question do you always get?


Erickson: They ask if Hank was a real dog or my dog. He was an Australian shepherd who lived on a ranch when I was working as a cowboy, and he really thought he was head of ranch security.


MRT: Do you see or think Hank has changed over the course of all your books?


Erickson: What an interesting question. I don’t know if the character has changed, but I think my way of writing has. I’m more conscious of timing and placing that can increase the interest and drama, and I’ve added an awful lot of characters.


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