Interview with Dr. James Dobson, "Heart of a Cowboy," Parts 1 and 2

Friday, May 17, 2013

Heart of a cowboy


May 16-17, 2013

"Heart of a Cowboy," Parts 1 and 2

Click here to hear John R. Erickson's interview with Dr. James Dobson.


From Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk's Website: 

     "It seems like everywhere you turn, you have to worry about what the kids are watching on TV and listening to on the radio. We talk with a man committed to creating wholesome and uplifting entertainment for kids. He’s a true cowboy who stuck to his vision to write children’s books that teach the life lessons he learned on the farm. They’re stories you can feel good about with simple truths and characters your children will love! You won’t want to miss this program."



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