How to Make a Hank the Cowdog Birthday Cake!

Tuesday, April 07, 2020 | By Nikki, Hank's staff

(Originally posted June 27, 2018)


Howdy Hank-fans! 

   As promised, here's a fun little “How-To” blog post for making your very own Hank the Cowdog cake! 

   Hank readers have been throwing Hank the Cowdog-themed birthday parties for a long time...and we figured it was about time we helped out a bit! Previously, we had made a blog post with LOTS of fun ideas (games, menu, music, etc.) for how to celebrate, and now here's an easy guide for making the perfect cake for your party:


The materials for your Hank the Cowdog Cake



First off, you’ll need either two boxes of cake mix or

a cake recipe that will allow you to make two

9” x 13” cakes. We used chocolate cake, but

it doesn’t really matter. Make those two cakes,

let cool, and then arrange side-by-side

on a large cutting board.



The Hank the Cowdog cake template





 Next, go to Hank's "Fan Zone

and print out the cake template







Cut outs of template






Then, cut it out and tape it together to

make a "stencil" for shaping the cake... 






Cut out template


Once you've taped the pieces together,

arrange the Hank-template on the two

9" x 13" cakes (trim one side of each cake

so that they fit against each other

smoothly, without dipping down towards the

edge)... You could even "pin" the template

in place with toothpicks so that it doesn't

slide around as you're cutting the cake.



Cut-out cake




Cut around the template, and there you go!!

You've got yourself a blank,

Hank-shaped canvas to decorate!






First, outline with food coloring





 First, ice the entire cake with chocolate icing.

Then, outline Hank's major facial features with

the tube of black icing (this is the most

important and time-consuming part)...





The final cake





Then go back and fill in the eyes and nose 

with either a tube of white icing or melted 

white chocolate (we used white chocolate),

and you're done!!






AND, most importantly of sure to share your pictures with us so that we can share your ideas with other Hank the Cowdog fans!!



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