"‘Hank The Cowdog’ Author Writes Book Depicting Perryton Wildfire" - From Drovers.com

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | By Hank's Staff


From "Drovers: Driving the Beef Market" -

"John R. Erickson’s latest Hank the Cowdog book draws on his experience with last year’s Perryton wildfire that scorched nearly his entire Texas Panhandle ranch.

In an interview with KFDA News Channel 10 in Amarillo, Erickson shares that he wrote his most recent book The Case of the Monster Fire as thank you to the people who helped his family and to show the strength of people in the Panhandle.

“[The books are] our special gift for the kids who live in this tough hard country,” Erickson says. “It's not beautiful the way some country is. It looks kind of ugly when the wind blows and it doesn't rain. But, it produces wonderful people, and they're strong and resilient, and we still have a sense of humor.”"  (READ THE ARTICLE HERE)



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