Hank Review in "Pine Needles and Paper Trails"

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Funny and Famly-Oriented: Hank the Cowdog"

by Laure

    "Meeting an author in person is always a delight. John R. Erickson, best known as the creator of the Hank the Cowdog series, walked out in front of the crowd of parents and kids at our conference with a banjo slung over his shoulder and an honest-to-God BIG Texan cowboy hat. His seminar on writing and creativity was a long-series of tales and songs that had the entire crowd laughing.

    Mr. Erickson embodies the writer’s adage to “write what you know”, having been raised in the Texan panhandle and worked as a ranch hand. His quirky animal and human characters are based on dogs, horses, and people that he has known and they thrum with life.

    And his stories are funny, funny, funny! Hank the Cowdog, as head of ranch security, takes his job VERY seriously. His sidekick, Drover, loyal and long-suffering, helps him out and doesn’t criticize Hank’s many bloopers...." (continued)

Full Review in "Pine Needles and Paper Trails"

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