"Hank...Popular Means of Encouraging Children to Read", Article in The Amarillo Globe-News

Friday, June 07, 2013

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"Hank the Cowdog Popular Means of Encouraging Children to Read," Article in The Amarillo Globe-News



Hi Hank-Fans,

We thought you might enjoy this article, written a few years back, from the Amarillo Globe-News! Link to full article in the Amarillo Globe-News

How about you? Did Hank help you or anyone in your family learn to read? 

Excerpts from the story:

..."Hank the Cowdog is part of a cowboy culture that "has fascinated people all over the world, and for the very best of reasons: It has produced good stories, with action and humor and characters who are worthy of our admiration," he said. "Kids need and crave good stories, whether they live in Dallas or Gruver, and good stories can come from any location."

Erickson said he thinks it's important for children to learn how to read and to enjoy it.

"To a large extent, formal education is just an extended period of supervised reading," he said. "Schools provide the atmosphere and the discipline, but most of the knowledge comes from the printed word.

"If we can read, we continue to grow and improve and adapt. The accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our species can be found in any county or city library in the Panhandle, and the only key we need to unlock that treasure is the ability to read."...

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