Hank and Food: Read One Fan's Fun Twist on Hank's Love of Breakfast Scraps

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | By Maverick Books, Nikki

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Hi Hank-Readers!

    We're doing something a little different today and featuring a bit (and the link to the rest) of a great blog post by a devoted Hank fan (who is also the mother of a few more fans!). Take a look at My Whit's End's Rebecca's take on a great recipe that Hank would definitely LOVE:

    "Now if there is one thing that Hank the Cowdog likes is eggs and (slurp) bacon. And eggs and (slurp) bacon is what we are cooking up today. Breakfast is my meal. I love eggs every which way. I love them in breakfast burritos, poached on toast, in a veggie omelet (with {slurp} bacon), in a basket (a.k.a. egg in a hole), and I love, love, love Huevos Rancheros, and of course with (slurp) bacon. So I knew I would love PW’s MAKE AHEAD MUFFIN MELTS (pg.12) (slurp, slurp)..." -Rebecca

    Like a true Hank-fan, Rebecca pulls in lots of quotes and references about Hank's great love for food, and especially breakfast scraps, as she cooks. See her quote from Hank favorites like The Case of the Tender Cheeping Chickies, Moonlight Madness, The Case of the Fiddle-Playing Fox, and more! Take a look at her story to see more of her fun Hank-spin on a great recipe. 

    And don't forget Hank's advice, as Rebecca reminds us: "The best cure for a broken heart is a dozen eggs."

    To read the rest of the article, be sure to visit "My Whit's End" Blog.

    Do you have any favorite recipes that seem like something Hank would love? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below! 

-Nikki, Maverick Books, Inc.


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