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Friday, March 28, 2014 | By Nikki, Hank's Staff

The results are in! We have our winners for the "Calling All 'Hanks'" contest! 

Congratulations to everyone who won, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! We really loved seeing all of the "Hank the Cowdogs" out there! 



Lise Ostenberg: First Prize Winner (2 Hardcover Hanks (#1 and #62) signed by author, 1 Hank audiobook (# 62, “The Ghost of Rabbits Past”), and a pack of Hank the Cowdog playing cards.)

"Our Hank the Cowdog is a 6 year old Aussie mix rescued from a shelter in Blackwell, OK. He is sitting with his library of namesake books and personal fav, Mopwater Files. He is definitely head of ranch security and takes no lip from the cats, including our Pete."






Nicole Hartley Bloom: Second Prize Winner (2 Hardcover Hanks, #1 and #62, signed by author)

"This is our Hank the Cowdog, we named him because of the book series. He is half blue heeler and something else. He has so many similarities of the real Hank. In the back ground is our yellow lab named Digger but we should have named him Drover."





Fillie Gibson: Third Prize Winner (1 Hardcover Hank book (#62) signed by author) 

"This is my dog Hank.. He is the sweetest dog ever. He is a full breed Aussie, we simply keep him shaved since he is in the house a lot. This picture of him was taken one day at the ranch. He was running and sniffing every where and I captured this pic as he was headed towards our other Aussie, Bacon. He is almost two. I grew up reading Hank the Cowdog and now read it to my two daughters. When we picked him up, my girls insisted on naming him Hank after the book and we call him Hankie a lot just like Pete the Barncat does in many of the books."





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