CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT for “The Case of the Prowling Bear”!

Friday, March 15, 2013


…Actually two contests! For Hank #61, we’ve devised two great contests (for different age groups), and we hope you enjoy them!


Contest #1: Coloring Contest (Ages 3-9)

  • ENTRY: To qualify for Contest #1, show us your best coloring of this illustration from Hank #61! Directions:

1.     Print off this illustration,

2.     Color it to your heart’s content, and

3.     Submit your colored illustration by posting it on Hank the Cowdog’s official Facebook page.


Contest #2: Video contest (Ages 10-18)

  • ENTRY: To qualify for Contest #2, you’ll get to try your hand at recording your own version of chapter 1 of the audiobook for Hank #61! What do you think it should sound like? Directions:

1.     Print out Chapter 1 (of Hank #61) here,

2.     Have fun with the different voices,

3.     Pick your favorite 3 minutes of the chapter (no longer),

4.     Record your reading (you can be in the video or not, but we’ll need to be able to hear your voice clearly).

5.     Submit your video by posting it to the official Facebook page. (The video can be YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Contact us at if you’d like to use a different video service, and we’ll take it into consideration.)


PRIZES (1st and 2nd place for the winners of each category, i.e. 4 prizes will be awarded in all):

  • 1st Place Prizes: 1 Personalized, autographed, hardback copy of Hank #61, 1 Hank #61 audiobook, and 1 pack of Hank the Cowdog playing cards
  • 2nd Place Prizes: 1 Personalized, autographed, hardback copy of Hank #61.


DEADLINE: April 30th (midnight)


FINAL DETAILS: After April 30th, we'll post up the winning videos and pictures on the website! So, even if you don't enter, be sure to check back and see the ones that won! 

    Winners will be notified through their Facebook account or by email. If you don’t have access to a Facebook account, please email for alternate instructions. 

Please ask any questions you have in the comments section below.

We’re excited to see your videos and pictures!



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