Catching Up: John R. Erickson, Story in the Texas Co-op Power Magazine

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Catching Up: John R. Erickson - Panhandle author has sold more than 7 million books about a cowdog named Hank," by Charles Boisseau 

Excerpts below: 

John R. Erickson is arguably one of Texas’ most successful writers and storytellers. So how come you probably have never heard of him? 

It may be because he doesn’t do the talk-show circuit, his books are not found on the best-seller lists, and he doesn’t hang out with other writers.

And yet, Erickson has now sold more than 7.5 million books—mostly stories about an unlikely protagonist and mistake-prone cowdog named Hank who prowls a Texas ranch as the self-appointed “head of ranch security.” . . .

Complete story in the Texas Co-op Magazine