"Ask Hank", #2

Monday, April 09, 2012

Drover  face


"I was wondering why Drover sometimes is brave, like when Hank joined the coyotes and Drover had to defend the ranch "I ain't gonna run", and sometimes he's a scared cat, "Poof!" He was gone to the machine shed." -Cale



"Drover and Hank both have problems with courage.  With Drover, it's usually pretty obvious.  With Hank, it's not so clear because he's telling the story and...well, he doesn't like to admit that he's afraid.  Every dog I've ever owned operated in this space, between being an abject coward and rising to a level you would have to call heroic.  The odd thing is that it's much the same with people.  Our hope is that we can spend more time being heroes than little chickens." -John R. Erickson


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