"Ask Hank", #1

Monday, March 26, 2012

Skunk picture for blog 2

Dear Readers, 

     This week kicks-off what will become a regular feature on Hank's Blog: "Ask Hank."

     Because we receive lots of great questions from Hank the Cowdog readers and fans in the mailbag (and in the "Get in Touch" part of Hank's site: http://www.hankthecowdog.com/author), John R. Erickson will be anwering many of them on the blog for all who might be interested in the answer to see. 

     What does that mean? Send in your questions, and yours may be the next question to be featured! 



"Do you have ideas for getting rid of skunk spray?" -Kelsey



"I have heard of ranch people giving skunked dogs a bath in tomato juice.  We have never tried that. I can't imagine trying to dunk our dogs in water, much less juice.  We have no answer to skunk musk except what the vets call Tincture of Time.  Hold your nose and wait for it to wear off." -John R. Erickson

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