"An Examined Life with Jeff Allen: Christian Worldview with Nancy Pearcey, part 1" - from Patheos.com

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 | By Hank's Staff

"...This ties back to the story Hank the Cowdog, which Nancy loved for years and years. In the story, Hank is a cowdog (instead of a cowboy) who heads up ranch security at a West Texas ranch. Living at the ranch is a family with a husband, wife, their son, and a single man who works as their ranch hand. (The ranch hand is the perspective of John Erickson, the author himself.)

Well, years ago, CBS Entertainment was taking many of the day’s contemporary children’s books and developing them into Saturday morning cartoons, including Hank the Cowdog.

Image: HTC Entertainment

Image: HTC Entertainment

But, when the cartoon was released, John’s story had been changed in several key ways. Firstly, the married couple were no longer married and their son wasn’t in the story whatsoever. Then, the wife had been turned into the ranch boss, which changed the dynamic entirely, as she supervised the existing ranch hand and a second ranch hand, who happened to have the same name as the husband in the original story. So, all three adults lived together in a bunkhouse, and the entire family unit had landed on the editing room floor.

All these changes to Erickson’s work led him to start looking into Christian worldview, which is how he discovered Nancy’s book. That’s when he realized how his little children’s book had been subverted by the forces of political correctness:

  • Marriage is a trap for women, so make sure that the female lead isn’t married.
  • Family is an archaic institution that doesn’t have a place in our current culture.
  • Children are a barrier to a woman’s career aspirations, so they were omitted entirely.

So, what was originally a story that revolved around traditional family values had been completely restructured around a completely different set of beliefs, proving that what was once held as truth in America – the benefits of a strong nuclear family – has now been made a matter of personal preference. This cartoon also brought to light that progressive values are not waiting for our children in the college lecture halls, but is being broadcast within Saturday morning cartoons to even our littlest of children...."