The Case of the Red Rubber Ball



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    Coming October 15 2020!


Fall is an important time of year on a ranch, mostly because it means that winter is coming soon!  And, on Hank’s ranch, that means that the cake house is about to be filled with bags of feed to get the cattle through the long, frozen days ahead.  Unfortunately, this particular feed-delivery is accompanied by a town mutt named Roy who gets Hank into big trouble with some local yellow jacket wasps.  Once the cake house is full, Slim puts Hank in charge of guarding their winter supply from marauding coons – a responsibility that could only be handled by the elite forces of the Security Division.  However, when Hank suddenly finds himself pitted against the notorious Eddie the Rac, he realizes that this mission will require every ounce of cunning he possesses.  Will Hank be able to keep the cake house safe, or will Eddie’s sneaky tricks win the day?