What Breed of Dog is Hank?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hi Hank-Fans! 

Ever wondered what breed of dog Hank actually is?? The website "National Purebred Dog Day" takes on that question with an interesting discussion this week!

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From the article:

"“Hank” refers to himself as a “top of the line, purebred, blue ribbon cowdog” and we’re not sure why others have felt the need to opine that Hank is a mutt since many purebred dogs fit the description of a “cowdog,” including the Australian Cattle Dog, Kelpie, Koolie, Blue Lacy, Catahoula, and New Zealand Hathaway, to name a few. We’d like to set the record straight. Though “Hank’s” appearance over the years has become generic, the Midland, Texas author, John R. Erickson, actually based “Hank” on an Australian Shepherd named (guess!) “Hank.”"

Us again, 

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