"Dogs Who Write: Books Written By Canines", in Everett, Washington's "The Herald"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Hank-Fan,

Recently, Hank featured in an article titled, "Dogs who write: Books written by canines," by Leslie, a staff member of the Everett (Washington) Public Library: 


"We read the entire Hank the Cow Dog series out loud to our children. They are hilarious! Hank is the Head of Ranch Security, defending his Texan home along with his faithful deputy, Drover. In the first book of the series, The Original Adventures of Hank the Cow Dog, Hank turns from crime fighter to criminal after he is accused of murder, resigns his position, and joins a gang of outlaw coyotes.

We refer to this series often in our family. If someone doesn't want to do a chore, we say, "Hank, my leg hurts! I can't do it!" (That was always Drover's excuse.) And often when the mailman comes, we break into this song: "Bark at the mailman! Give him your full load! He has no business walking down my road!" What a rich literary history our family shares because of Hank!"

Read the article on The Herald Net.

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